Monday, 18 December 2017

The chaps

I haven't seen them in nearly a month.
They are going to go ballistic.

Scandinavian Shininess

hellig hestekræfter.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Survey says..

No overplating necessary.
Anodes doing their job.
Good for another 10 years.

Sides newly blacked. Midships anodes fitted. Baseplate ground down to metal, primed and painted with black epoxy. 10 days. in December. ha!

Goodbye old friend. You took us to many new and exciting places. For the most part, you were ultra reliable. We knew you'd had a hard life prior to helping us, but it was fun getting to know how you worked. And I'll never forget the moments me, you and the spanners spent together. Thankyou for all of the precious memories.

the worst part. 14 inch clearance. could not turn over. no wish to ever see the baseplate again. the huge rusty dust clouds were a novelty, at first. but, eventually, painting over your head really stresses your elbow tendons. on the plus side, i do now have biceps like popeye.

The lads, having a nice snuggle. Bryn is used to house living, and immediately claimed his spot on the couch. Olly also seems to have taken to it remarkably well.

oh yeah, and it snowed too.. which was fun..

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Water Pump

We've had to push the poor little beast quite hard this year.

The bearing on the coolant pump is shot and has become wobbly. Water/Rust/Antifreeze is dribbling out and being centrifugally spun around inside the engine bay by the fanbelt. Which is also squealing like a sonofabitch. Not an entirely fabulous situation.

Spares are on order, and morale is still good.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Eynsham and Back

Olly @ Godstow

Took ourselves up to Eynsham meadows to avoid the bank holiday madness. Had a lovely few days just pootling about. Back in Wallingford to meet an old friend of ours, and then heading downstream again. Things are noticably quieter on the river, now that the schools have gone back. Which makes for some very relaxing days.

Friday, 25 August 2017


Sheena is back with us. Yay!

Abingdon was very nice. We've enjoyed our 5 days of the town's generous hospitality and will be departing tomorrow. I also found the "swarm of angry bees" that the council was looking for. Turns out, they were hornets. I know this because I had one attached to the top of my Skull. It was Bryn's fault for winding them up. We then had to go the long way around (5 miles via culham) to get back home.

Sheena: let me look
Me: no, you will poke it with your finger.
Sheena: I won't.
Me: oh, alright then.
Sheena: (pokes it with finger). Is that it?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

I get the feeling..

..that the mooring situation isn't going to end well, at the Wallingford fishing holes.

Yesterday, I heard a jolly boat say "that far king dogma is still there". Which I found quite amusing. People don't realise how far their voice carries over their engine noise. But, i have also overheard these grumblings from non boating towpath walkers :-

"It's like a new age village down there".
"They've taken over the whole bank with their junk".
"I may buy a boat and just dump it here too".

People are clearly not happy.

In addition to this, the riverbank has collapsed at half a dozen places, under the weight of willow roots pressing down on it. There are now submerged stakes hiding a few inches under the water, pointing out at 45 degrees.

The lads have had a great time here. Long walks and plenty of ball chucks. The cooler weather has been perfect for them. But I will also be glad to shove off tomorrow. Not a very happy vibe here at the moment. Though the chance to unwind after three days of rope tugging, boat heaving and rudder juddering has been most welcome.

Tune of the day...